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The curse of the jack of all trades pt 1

No time more than the present have I felt like my broad interest in most fields has been a curse rather than a blessing. There are a lot of things, as I previously explored¬†on which I am woefully ignorant. And lots of what I do know is pretty damn irrelevant in day to day life. The life of Goethe being a good example. Yet this curse isn’t that I know about and am interested in such things, it’s that it leads in some respect to uncertainty. When applying for college I was pretty damn sure I didn’t want to do medicine. Now looking at it and talking to med students and related persons I’m actually not sure I can rule that out. Or pharmacy. Or product management. Or law. I can have a reasonably coherent conversation with a law student, a med student, or a software developer. And therein lies the problem. To make a decision one is committing to do something, but even moreso they are committing to do something over an alternative. And it’s this commitment which I find so difficult. But in not making a decision, one is cutting off options in all of the life paths that I would so vigorously enjoy. This isn’t to say I ought not or will not pursue one, but whereas I know many people that struggle with “I just don’t find anything interesting” and then figure out what they want to do by finding something they enjoy, I enjoy a broad enough field of things that it’s not so simple to define a path forward.